Monster 500

Everyone Is RacIng to Download the Free Monsters 500™ RacIng App


Hey you kids, join the battle for Monsters 500™ supremacy in this frighteningly fast racing app. Fight other monsters as you navigate the death-defying tracks to the finish.

Pick up weapons, avoid toxic spills and other creepy obstacles as you race. Did we mention that it’s FREE at the App Store and Google play? Will you finish first…or dead last?

Unleash a monster wIth a Monsters 500™ Code!

Every Monsters 500™ Trading Card* has a Monsters 500™ Code that unlocks a monster in the app! Which one will you get?

*A trading card is included with every Monsters 500™ vehicle sold at Toys R Us.


Download the Monsters 500™ Racing App on the App Store and Google play, today!

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